Ecoflow Delta Pro - Portable 400W Panel Ground Stand/Rack


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Mar 6, 2023
Hey Folks!

New here and have been reading and reading... A bunch of knowledge here! Forgive me if I have overlooked a thread that covers this.

I have an Ecoflow Delta Pro with 3 X 400 watt portable/foldable panels. We do a bunch of camping/RV and it has been wonderful. With the kids so busy now, our outdoor adventures are slowing down, so I would like to use the Ecoflow system with our home. The problem I am having is finding any type of panel rack(s) that will accommodate the 3 – 400 watt panels that are anywhere close to affordable. Yes, the panels have kick stands, but they lack support and would not be good for ongoing/semi-permanent mounting. With each panel being 105.8 X 236.5 (unfolded), does anyone have any suggestions or thoughts on the best ground mount rack?

I assume I will need to build something but was hoping I could gain a bit of knowledge from those who may have faced the same predicament.

Thanks in advance!

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Is unistrut or an off brand of same at your local home center or electrical products supplier?
Two pieces will handle three of your panels.
I would not use these portable panels outside permanently.
They are made for temp use only.
Bite the bullet and buy a couple panels made for perm outdoor use and you will not regret it.
Sell the foldable panels if you are not using them.