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Eg4 power pro budget model and LL v2.


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Jun 20, 2023
I saw Wills video on the powerpro budget model. I already have 6 eg4 LLs. I'm wanting to add on, and was just about ready to buy 3 more server rack batteries, but I really like the power pro. Will communication work between the two?
I'm like 95% sure I read somewhere that you can't mix and match the LLs and the PowerPro (first one) so I'd bet you can't mix and match the budget one either. I'm having some buying remorse myself. Wish I had the budget PowerPro and not two LLs.
I would recommend reading this document. While they can work with the server rack models, you would need 1 WallMount for every 3 server racks. I will have to check on communication.


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Any update if the new indoor powerpro batteries can communicate with eg4 LL batteries? I got the new indoor battery as soon as it came out..but always planned on using the LLs.