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EG4 waterproof vs server rack batteries for an 6000XP system?


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Dec 8, 2023
I'm researching putting my first off grid system together and I'm try to understand the pro/cons on the other EG4 batteries to pair up with the EG4 6000XP inverter?

I noticed the EG4-WP batteries are cheaper than their EG4-lifepower4/EG4-LL server rack counterparts for the same capacity. Also the 85lb weight and form factor of the EG4-WP seems much easier to manage than the ~100lb server rack batteries.

So what am I missing out by going with the waterproof EG4 batteries versus the server racks?
serviceability. if anything goes wrong with them they are sealed units. if you can depend on timely warranty coverage not a big deal, however if you ever need to service them yourself, rack mount batteries can be opened sealed units are much harder
The WP does not have any pre charge circuit to charge the capacitors in the inverter. You will need to that manually with a resistor.