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FS: TIGO RSS Transmitter Single Core Rapid Shutdown NEW *FREE SHIPPING*


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Feb 3, 2022

Tigo RSS Transmitter PV Rapid Shutdown Transmitter $60 w/Free Shipping and BONUS Power Supply!​

The Tigo RSS (Rapid Shutdown System) Transmitter completes the cost-effective rapid shutdown system architecture when paired with Tigo's UL-certified Fire Safety solutions - including the TS4-A-F (add-on), TS4-A-2F (add-on for two modules). The RSS Transmitter sends a signal via PLC (Power Line Communication) to the TS4-F units to keep PV modules connected while powered on. TS4-F units automatically enter rapid shutdown mode when the RSS Transmitter is switched off and resume energy production when power is restored to the RSS Transmitter. The RSS Transmitter with Pure Signal technology can link multiple RSS Transmitters together, enabling one coordinated keep-alive signal to the array to maximize signal integrity, even in large and complex solar installations. This solution complies with NEC 2014, 2017, and 2020 690.12 rapid shutdown specifications utilizing power-line communication (PLC). Available with Pure Signal technology for multi-transmitter sites, as a Kit, DIN Rail, or PCBA for integration into inverters.


  • Rapid shutdown initiation device for Tigo TS4-A-F and TS4-A-2F
  • The RSS Transmitter with Pure Signal technology can link multiple RSS Transmitters together in large commercial applications, enabling one coordinated signal to minimize crosstalk or signal interference

Features and benefits​

  • Multivendor UL Certified solution to meet the NEC 690.12 2017/2020 code requirements
  • Module-level deactivation with automatic or manual shutdown
  • Easy installation, no commissioning process is required
  • Compatible with the largest network of UL-listed residential & commercial inverters
  • Integrated into many inverters, enabling plug and play installations with Tigo TS4-A-F and TS4-A-2F
  • NEW: available with Pure Signal technology, to simplify the design and installation of sites with multiple transmitters


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