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Growatt system not working correctly after electrician visit.


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Aug 26, 2022
Hi, an electrician visited and fitted a zappi car charger at my property and since then (last 4 days) my growatt system has not been behaving like it used to(past 2 years no problem). If I was to take a guess at the problem (though I cannot be sure!) it seems to no longer see low power demand from my house and now doesn’t kick in with supplying either from solar direct or from battery storage unless the house has high demand .

Essentially 0.4 kw or under and the solar system no longer seems to deal with it (it worked perfectly well before).

Other issues:
battery slowly charging up from grid over night with no indication on the inverter or shine phone where that energy is coming from (it has to be grid!)
Force discharging of battery to grid shows up as energy going to the house instead of grid (other monitoring confirms it was actually exporting)

the electrician replaced some cables in my electricity cabinet from thinner grey ones to slightly thicker brown ones. These are the cables that the ct clamp was/ is attached to.

I’m wondering if the ct clamp is damaged or just not able to read the new cable correctly, it is quite a tight squeeze to actually get it to clip around the cable. Is this a possible problem? Can any ct clamp be wired in its place? The new clamp for the zappi fits around the cable with plenty of room to spare, the old growatt one actually digs into the flex to get it closed

Photos show old set up ( clamp around grey wire) and new (clamp tight around brown wire).

I’m in Uk if that makes any difference :) Thank you for any advice anyone can give.


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If the CTs do not close properly, they will not read properly. also, it’s possible (even likely) that he got the CTs reversed when he put them back on the cables.