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If selling new in box inverter would you open to test first?


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Oct 10, 2021
So I have a inverter that I've had for almost two years... It still has warranty on it but not for much longer, what I'm wondering is would it be better for me sell the inverter new inbox untested or would it make more sense to open up the box and test the inverter and show pictures of it up and running?

I'm just trying to figure out what would generate the most possibility of selling it?
It's not really a big deal if it is or not... The warranty is up in a couple months

Honestly the warranty doesn't even matter at this point
Anybody interested in it would likely wanna test it at time of deal.

I’d prefer factory straps be in place.
If it's new unopened box at 50% off from a person I'd take my chances otherwise open box from a person 70-75% off. It is 2 years old........
For me, it would matter on what inverter it is.
If higher segment like Schneider/Victron/sol-ark/magnum, I'd prefer I touched
If lower segment, and higher prone to failures I"d probably prefer tested