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Inventus U1-50 Battery


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Nov 18, 2020
Got a few of these Inventus U1-50 batteries and would like to know if I can hook up to the RJ45 ports to get some data from them.
Any thoughts? do I need to rip it open to see what BMS it's using to go from there?

No problem finding the original user manual. It says the RJ45 ports are disabled in "ship mode" until the battery is charged. Unfortunately it does not list the SMBus commands or formats. I assume either it's a very simple interface that just sends battery status to the external PC, or you are supposed to have an app provided by the manufacturer.

since inevitably others will find this dead end, these batteries use the SMBus 1.1 protocol, found here

Beyond that, it seems sparse info for a diy, so far I've gathered you can reuse i2c libraries and code for the arduino, and probably need to tie both the scl and sca to +5v with a 10k resistor. I may do a writeup if I get this working and if others ever are interested

diy solar

diy solar