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JK BMS wrong Voltage Readings (all 16 cells wrong)


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Nov 7, 2023
Hello Guys,
it seems i have a broken BMS and hope you can help me fix it.
The BMS measures every single cell with to much voltage. The cells are all around 3,25V, not 3,44V. The total Voltage is ~52V not ~55V.
I put in another JK BMS, this worked correctly - so no wrong wiring, no contact issues.(At least not on the Battery End)
This has to be a BMS Hardware or Software Failure.
Any ideas?

EDIT1: Under advanced Config, all Wire Ressistances are 0.

And you can calibrate the current the same way.
WHAT?? Really ?? OMG !!!
I totally missed this, I have wondered WTH was up with some of the packs reporting wildly wrong current (compared with my meter) but yesterday after reading @OffgridSystems 's post, I suddenly realized I completely missed this step!. Today I input the corrected current based on an accurate meter reading and BAM! now the current is correct up and down the range, and the BMS SOC is tracking properly. I can't thank you enough!