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May 9, 2024
Tulcea, Romania
Hello, I have a 51,2V 16s DYI battery with Lifepo4 EVE 3.2V 280Ah cells witk JK BP2A16S20P BMS and CANbus and I would like to purchase a Solis S6-EH1P6K-L-PRO inverter. What kind of battery to select in the Solis app menu so that Solis inverter communicates with the JK bms?
Do you know what options are available with the new S6 Solis range? I have an S5-EH1P and for that you could use the user-defined option in the Solis and basic SMA protocol on the JK (if it supports such).

I'm not aware of other users on here having the S6-EH1P yet (they are not yet approved for connection to the grid in the UK).
These are the JK PB options available, covers RS485 and Canbus. The Victron is wrong at 500K as Victron is 250K, is it a typo or have they configured it wrong ?

Solis is not on the list but if it has another setting that is on the list it may work. My SMA Sunny Island works on Pylontech, Deye, Goodwe and SMA Canbus JK settings.

Note the pinout in the JK instructions is wrong, Can_L is Can_H and Can_H is Can_L


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