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MPP Solar LV6548V (390V) All In One Inverter - 6500W - Ontario, Canada


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Jun 21, 2023
Ontario, Canada
Offering a new-in-box LV6548V 390V all in one inverter from MPP Solar. This is the version with the MPPT that can accept up to 390V open circuit voltage from the solar arrays.

The specifications for the LV6548V 390V are available online, but the basics are:
- 6500W maximum output;
- 8000W maximum solar input (across inputs on the MPPT);
- 48VDC system;
- able to be combined with another unit to get split phase 220VAC; and
- CSA approved for installation/use in Canada.

I purchased this unit directly from MPP Solar last summer for a project, but the project has fallen through, so looking to sell. The box was only opened to verify the contents.

Price is $1200 CAD (paid $2000 CAD after shipping, duty and taxes). I am located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and can deliver in the general area, or ship at buyer's expense.

I also have a Trophy 48V220E-1 battery available, that I may be willing to sell. It is also new in box (well, bubblewrap), 48V, 220Ah (10,560Wh) very high quality battery with internal heaters. If interested, let me know. I paid $6500 CAD to get it to my door, would sell for $5500 CAD.
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