Never Used MPP Solar PIP1012LV-MS 1000W, 12V All-In-One


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I had a van solar project that changed requirements on me so this all-in-one panel is available for sale. This was purchased within the last 3-4 months from a US based dealer of MPP-Solar.

Product Description:
Compatible with many Battery Technologies (Lead Acid, Flooded, AGM, Lithium, LiFePO4, can all be configured by using the “manual” battery setting)
93% Efficient
Dual Battery Charge mode, (Solar and Utility/ Generator)
1000 VA / 1000W Inverter ·
12V DC to 120V AC ·
40A MPPT (maximum power point tracking) · – can be overpaneled up to 800W (Charging watts is controlled by the battery current setting)
120V Genset /Generator or Utility input to charge the 12 V battery at 20A

Why wait on shipment from the other side of the world, risk getting a cheap clone and paying the $400-$500 (shipping and taxes included) that the US based venders are now selling this unit for? This is available now and it is going to be cheaper at $360 shipped (via Fedex or UPS, your choice)! Contact me if you have any questions!



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I bought it from Watts 24/7… who in turn like the majority of US venders buy directly from MPP-Solar… The shipping box actually had the original shipping labels from Taiwan along with the US shipping labels


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PIP1012LV-MK – 12V 1kW 120V Inverter , 1kW Solar Charger 80A , Parallelable and split phase up to 9 units, Zero Transfer Time is what I have, therefore I cannot parallel it.​