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New 3 Three Phase Supply adding 2 more single phase arrays


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Sep 13, 2022
Hi all
I have a 4kw PV system on a single phase supply which is on FIT since 2012 and i understand that this cant be altered an any way.
I want to add more capacity in 2 different locations.
After a DNO application i have to have the supply upgraded 3 Phase.
One system is in the garage so will have to be single phase while the other new array can be either single or 3 phase.

My question is can the generated electricity be shared accross 3 single phases?

I am currently using Myenergi eddi to harness excess energy and propose the Zappi to charge the car so its important that any export energy is used up.
I have attached my draft single line diagram if it helps.


  • A3single line diagram diysolarforum.png
    A3single line diagram diysolarforum.png
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diy solar

diy solar