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Order of Operations: Adding first battery to Sol-Ark 15k system


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Nov 15, 2023
Pittsburgh, PA
Hi Everyone,

I will be self-adding two PowerPro batteries to my new-ish Sol-Ark 15k system that currently has no batteries. I have enough professional experience with HV DC batteries (200V+) to know it is important to get the order of operations right.

Before connecting anything, I will set the ID of the Master battery to 64, turn it on, and select the "P03-SLK" protocol. Then I will set the ID back to 1 and then power off the battery.

I'll wire one PowerPro to each of the battery connections on the 15K.
I will connect one battery comms cable between them. Question: It looks like this is just a straight-through Ethernet cable (twisting 1&2 and 7&8)?
I will connect a comms cable (CAN) from the Master battery [CANH: 4, CANL: 5] to the Sol-Ark [CANH: 4, CANL: 5]
I will set the ID of the Master battery to ID 1 and the Secondary battery to ID 2.
I will set “BMS Lithium Batt 00” on the 15K

Question: Do I set the Sol-Ark battery enable before or after I connect and power on the battery?

Question: Is this sequence correct?
  1. Power Off 15k (AC breakers/disconnects off, PV DC disconnect off, power button off, battery breaker off)
  2. Make battery connections
  3. Sol-Ark Battery Breaker ON
  4. Press the power button on the Sol-Ark
  5. Turn the PV DC disconnect switch on the outside of the Sol-Ark ON
  6. All 15k AC breakers / disconnects (“GRID”, “GEN” and “LOAD”) ON
  7. Master Battery Breaker ON
  8. Master Battery Power Button ON
  9. Secondary Battery Breaker ON
  10. Secondary Battery Power Button ON

diy solar

diy solar