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Pond to irrigation pump ideas


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May 16, 2021
Hey everyone!

I've got a little home nursery that I keep watered with a pretty basic setup. Right now, I'm using a budget-friendly diaphragm submersable pump from China, powered by a 24-volt solar battery setup right by the pond front. My setup has to stretch about 50 ft up and 1,000 ft across to feed the sprinklers. The little pump manages about one and a half gallons per minute, which means I can only run one sprinkler at a time, and to be honest, it's not doing the best job. But hey, it's super affordable. The pump cost me 60 bucks and has surprisingly lasted over a year, so it's definitely paid for itself.

I'm ready to level up and invest in something way more reliable. I'm dreaming of a system that can pump out five to six gallons per minute. I've been eyeing the Dankoff piston pump, ready to invest in a setup that's going to stand the test of time. The thing is, they're pretty pricey. I'm looking for something durable that I can maintain on my own. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good pump setup? Thanks
Hey ke5!

Sounds like you are having some fun and welcome to the forum!

You could pick up a couple more of that same pump and parallel them. Each one would add to the total flow rate until you got to the desired flow rate.

I actually have an old Dankoff Piston pump gathering dust out in my barn. I've got spare leathers and most of the other replacement parts. A long time ago a solar customer went a different route with pumping and I ended up with this one. I probably should sell it but it's so cool looking I haven't.

As far as "serviable" I think you'll find that pretty much all of the name brand pumps will offer repair kits. Here's one I found for a Shurlo.