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Schneider XW6848+ Cleanup

So, on other smaller electronics that have overheat of a single component I have disassembled and replaced the heat sink materials. That goes for power supplies, computers and some other tools that would run until hot then stop until hours later when it cooled off. As they age the cheap ceramic compound or tape or whatever dried up and didn't age with it.

I am not saying that is your problem in this case, just pointing it out as a possibility. And if you are out of warranty and it quits all together so you have nothing to loose it might be worth the chance.
I think the cleaned filter will resolve your overheating problem, but since a bug or something shorted across the terminals of the thermistor has been brought upa couple of times, I figured I would show the sensor locations in a couple of pictures. This first image is from the maintenance manual, I circled the approximate locations of the two sensors. You can see one of them in the lower red circle. The other one is slightly under the capacitor board and wouldn't be visible even without the labeling in this image:
Thermisistor locations manual.jpg

This next picture is of a power board with blown FETs. The capacitor board has been removed and you can more clearly see the temp sensors.
There isn't a conformal coating on this board that I can detect. Multimeter probes make contact easily with the pads and component legs.

Thermisistor locations pro.jpg
@sollap Wow, thanks for all this amazing information! I'll post back tomorrow morning about my findings after running the generator for 2 hours.

@hwy17 I think I'll open a separate thread for the F63 errors. This one is really about the FET warning issue, sorry for the confusion.
Thanks, but that link doesn't seem to work. It asks me to choose a region/language, then dumps me to the Schneider home page.
I ran the generator for 1.5 hour. The input voltage was oscillating between 228.9 and 231.9V, but was mostly stable at that upper value. Was charging (80% max charge rate) at around 110amps until absorption was reached. I've not had a single FET1 over temperature warning. So cleaning the filter likely fixed the issue. Thanks folks for your help, much appreciated! 💪
For what it is worth: 1) heat sink paste ( on cpus & almost all power elex heat sinks) do dry out after many years.
2) on an outback Radian, I was getting very high Temps ( xfmr and thyristors). Found one of the 2 fans had failed. The second fan was rubbing and about to fail. Replaced both and then found the 12vdc power supply for one was dead. I used an AUX 12vdc until I could get the circuit board repaired.