Seems like a good deal


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Ever since the discovery of the cheap inferior BMS stuck in the Ruixus I am leery of what’s lurking inside the all the other sealed cases of Chinese LiFePos. It’s a gamble.

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Hmmmmm the fact that someone clearly took a spec sheet from somewhere else and (poorly) edited over it makes me super suspicious... also I'd really like to know how they're achieving the "optional 100A/120A" discharge that they edited in... see my arrows.LFP Add-in.jpg


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I may regret this having done this, but...
I have a 24V 200Ah battery coming from these folks (it's actually who sells the batteries)
The reason for the "optional" is that they custom build the pack and you can specify the current that the BMS will handle. As far as I can tell, they'll put the battery in different cases, with either studs or Anderson connectors and each option is different size and weight. This *MAY* account for the spec sheet photoshop look, or maybe it is just shenanigans all around and I'll regret the purchase.

I have been waiting a long time, I didn't realize the battery was made to order, so it was a 4 week lead time. They've been responsive in the meantime and ask a lot of questions about the project and gave me (unsolicited) advice on the wiring to the inverter/charger (2/0 AWG) which makes me think at least someone is sort of serious about doing this right. I'm still cautious (like any Internet purchase from a new-to-me seller) I believe they will actually deliver me something. I planned to report back once I received it and could run my own tests.

I do have a FedEx tracking number, but the shipment hasn't made it to FedEx yet.


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Good to know, hopefully it will be a good situation for you. I called them and inquired about the batteries and other products. They seem straight up. Please lets us know how your findings.


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Battery arrived last night, someone from SpecializedPower checked in via email already to make sure everything was ok. I hope to unpack and test it over the weekend.