Should I ground this inverter to the vehicle chassis? PS-3000KAR Giandel 3000w


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Jun 11, 2023
I have been reading up further on if I should 'ground' my inverter.

I have found so many mixed messages, though the overarching one seemed to be do NOT add a ground wire to the chassis of the car from an inverter. Partially because it could fry the rest of the cars electrics if an issue occurs.

However, in the manual for my specific inverter, it clearly states that it should be connected to the chassis.

So now I am unsure if I should follow the instructions or not. Are they badly written 'catch all' instructions, or should I take them as gospel. No idea.

Ultimately I just want to make my system as safe as possible.

I have included a picture of the instructions and of the make/model of the inverter. (PS-3000KAR) Giandel 3000w pure sign wave inverter.


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Doesn't make sense. The cars electronics are on another circuit. You can't fry anything because there's nothing connecting the circuit. Also this is what breakers and fuses are.

At worst itll cause some odd sensor readings.

BTW some car electronics use different voltages and they all neutral ground. Spark plugs use up to 100,000 volts and grounds through the engine