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diy solar

Small scale DC water heater for van on YouTube


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May 28, 2021
Gilpin County, CO
Thought this was interesting. The application is very narrow (foot pump system that's only used intermittently for small amounts of water) but it takes up almost no space and seems to work well for the intended purpose.

I saw that earlier.

It's awesome seeing people know what they need and building what they need to make their desire happen.

Obviously in their case they didn't need a whole water tank system with enough capacity to make a shower or anything, they just knew that they needed enough water for hand washing and light dish washing.
it works for him, but i dont think he is finished designing yet .... i think he will end up with something with a bit more storage and potentially using more than one 12v element .....

i am also a fan of seeing how people have developed their own solutions as opposed to an off the shelf solution. i still think that more can be made of the hot exhaust from the (growing in popularity) diesel heaters ...

diy solar

diy solar