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Stress testing 12V Victron MultiPlus 3000 with EG4 LL batteries (heating issue)

I just got answer from the supplier The maximum temperature for the wire is 140 Fahrenheit
I think the wire might be getting hot because not enough air ventilation. Over the weekend I am going to run AC unit while it is not plugged into grid and monitor the temperature.
You measured cable temps at 221f?

That’s the higest end of the insulation rating.

I’d investigate on what can be done to drop that down.
i'm sorry that was the information was provided to me from the supplier regarding 4/0 cable. Operating temperature -50°C to +105°C (-58°F to +221°F).
I was tracing every wire and notice my ground wire was not connected To RV trailer frame. After connecting ground wire and I notice my wire is not hot compared to last week.
Do you guys think it could be because of the ground wire was not connected to the chassis.
I think because I used cheap crimper that is one of the reason it is causing heat (AMZCNC Hammer Lug Crimper Tool - 0000 AWG Battery and Welding Cables( 8 AWG TO 4/0 Wire Gauge).

I just purchased following crimper to recrimp all of my wires (AMZCNC Hydraulic Crimping Tool - 12T Crimping Force, 9 Pairs of Standard US cable Dies (8AWG-4/0AWG) - Professional Grade Battery Cable Crimper for Secure Connections, Electrical Projects, and More).

This one does work for 4/0 you just gotta get some mustard on that swing.

If you are curious about a crimp you have in service you can always cut one in half and verify the cold weld, should be one solid mass when cut in half.

diy solar

diy solar