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Vegas Area drawings and permits - I can help


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Jun 13, 2023
las vegas, nv
If anyone is planning on submitting permits and doing their install themselves and doing everything by the book, I am offering my design and drawing services for permits in the Vegas area. I just went through a permitting app locally on a pretty complicated shed system that was off grid and learned a lot about what they are looking for. I am not looking to make money off this arrangement, more to help people do their installs correctly. I am not a stamping professional engineer, but I am an electrical engineer. I know this may not be the correct forum to place this note, but it would fall into many of the categories of this forum all together.

My current system I am installing is two EG4 outdoor powerpro batteries, one rg4 6000xp inverter, and 14 panels on the roof to charge the batteries during the day. This off grid structure is a 12x24 shed/workshop that is insulated and has air conditioning with an eg4 9k btu unit.

The permit system in vegas is very difficult and there is a lot of tribal knowledge. A lot of people go by the manuals of the products, which in some cases helps, but for instance, putting storage batteries closer than 36" is not allowed even though the manual states it. Now there are ways to get this approved, but you need to know how and what to do, that is where I can help.

Again my services are not to make money, but I need to charge something to account for my time.

I know there are probably a lot of people that want to do the work themselves, which is allowed as long as you stay at that residence at least a year after you do the work. It has to be your home as well.


you can send me a message on here if you are interested. I am mostly experienced with the AHJ in the Vegas area.
Do you know what kind of weatherproof conduit to exposed PV wire transition they like to see? Are they used to seeing it with a splice to other wiring method somewhere in the circuit, or one continuous PV from inverter all the way out to the panels' MC4's? Would they be grossed out by THHN in the PV circuit?

I'm not in vegas, that's just some general questions I've been sitting on.

diy solar

diy solar