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  • NAZ Solar Electric 7% off 3/14 to 3/21

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  • Cutting 1/0 wire with PVC cutter

    Lost my cable cutters I think I loaned them to someone forgot who. I found some cheap PVC cutter kind that ratchet worked great on this 1/0 wire. This wire was fine stranded solid copper. Not sure how it would work on heaver stranded wire I think it would work.
  • The Rooftop Solar Industry Could Be on the Verge of Collapse Time Magazine

    Interesting read on the solar industry. 2023 over 100 residential solar dealers filed bankruptcy. One story here is an 83-year-old woman who didn't know she had taken out a loan for 52k dollars after a door-to-door solar salesmen had her touch the tablet he had. My own mother called me once said...
  • EG4 6000XP Questions

    Will this inverter combine grid power and PV / Battery power to the loads, or does it act as a relay switch entire load over to grid power when it the load pulls more power than the solar can provide. Reading the directions it's not exactly clear talks about PV and grid charging batteries. The...
  • NAZ Solar Electric 6% off inverters, batteries, and panels sale ends today use code SAVE6

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  • Received my batteries from Docan LF280K tiny amount of bulging.

    The batteries are here I ordered from Jenny Wu on 11/22 received there here in Phoenix today on 12/31. That was quick I wasn't expecting them just happened log in to Alibaba check the tracking it said out for delivery. I was right in the middle of cleaning out my shed I only had a chance to open...
  • JK BMS model B2A24S20P 7 AWG wire? 200 amps how?

    Is this BMS going to be too small for 280 AH 16S batteries? This is marked 7AWG wire even both together would only be about 150 amps max. I will fuse at 110 amps so maybe be okay since I don't plan on pulling more than that. I wonder why they would use such small wire.
  • Why are panels on Amazon advertised as 12V when the VOC is 23V

    Hello was wondering why so many panels on Amazon are advertised as 12V when the open circuit voltage is 23V and Optimum Operating Voltage is 20.3V on these panels.
  • Explosion fears lead San Diego to explore regulating lithium-ion batteries, storage facilities

    Cities regulating battery storage could be a problem with the DIY market. At least before you could get away with claiming it was portable, or off-grid. I'm sure most of these fires are cheap electric scooters, and e-bikes. Cities won't care what kind of lithium it is just hear the word lithium...
  • Where to find quality ring terminals

    I bought a few off Amazon they are junk these way too big for the wire size indicated. I thought maybe my wire was smaller than advertised broke out the calipers sure enough 10 AWG ring connector is really about 7 gauge. I suspect they took metric sizes and tried to get them close enough and...
  • EG-4 3000 ehv-48 Max inverter current

    What is the max current draw for the inverter on the Eg4 3000 ehv-48. The specs only show the max charge current of 80 amps. I want to size the DC fuse properly I was going to use a 100-amp fuse that would give me 4800 watts. I will be putting together 280 amp DIY Lifep04 battery bank when they...
  • Bluesea 285 Circuit breaker 48V max

    Building a 48V 280AH DIY battery bank. I will have a 250-amp class T fuse I also wanted a circuit breaker at 100 amps to use it as a switch. Was looking through the Bluesea PDF and I see these nice thermal circuit breakers. They clearly state 48V max I have seen some pictures posted on the forum...
  • SanTan solar half off all used panels order before noon get change to win a free EG4 6000XP

    I saw some 435 watt used panels for $100 in there. Code is BOGOHALF Link to website
  • High frequency verses low frequency inverters

    What is the difference between high, or low frequency inverters the pros and cons? I have seen a few posts someone said low was better for high surge load like AC units, pool pumps. Another thing I read low frequency can handle more power. Is a low frequency same as a modified sinewave?
  • Off-Grid using Generator transfer switch.

    This is a design I came up with I have purchased one inverter to get 120V 3000 Watts of inverter output and 4680 watts of solar this year I want to wire everything for a future 2nd inverter next year. What I want to do is set this up in a shed using DIY battery Bank. I have an electronics...
  • Arc fault question

    If I'm mounting on a patio cover connected to the roof of my home, I was wondering how much risk I am taking not having Arc-fault protection. If the voltage is around 450 volts probably a good idea to have an inverter that has it built in?
  • Charge/inverter controller has temperature sensor to avoid charging when freezing

    Right now, I'm using a Epever charge controller for my shed I want to replace it with an off grid inverter charger checked some none of them have a sensor, or a place to connect one like my Epever does. Does anyone know of a brand I need about 3000 watts I could go as high as 5000 watts. I...
  • On Peak and demand shaving from electric bill

    Trying to figure out if it's feasible to try and off load my highest power consumption appliances to a battery and inverter system for 3 hour a day during peak usage rate. I live in the desert it's hot been over 115F for a while now. My biggest part of my bill is a demand charge. This is where...
  • Aluminum wire house hanging speakers drilled through a 10/3 wire feeding two outlets

    4 years ago I was hanging speakers drilling a hole to run the wire up into the attic and hit a power line causing 2 outlets to go out. We didn't use those outlets all that often this year decided to fix it. Tracing it out the cut wire came from a switch was controlling the red wire feeding top...
  • NAZ Solar Electric 5% off until 4/12

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  • Utilites requiring multiple meters.

    I have been talking to my utility about a hybrid grid tied system. They told me they require multiple meters for a battery grid tied system. The main meter at the service entrance. Meter between the inverter and the main panel, and another meter between the inverter and the backup sub-panel. I...
  • MPP LVX6048WP questions

    I'm looking for an inverter that will combine AC input and solar/battery to reduce my electric bill without going to a grid tied inverter. After doing some research I found some post here about an EG4-6000EX back-feeding the grid, and a video of someone claiming their MPP LVX6048WP is...