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    Do you occasionally disassemble your battery bank and charge individually?

    I would say chances of mishaps like short-outs from tools and inadvertent loose connections are a BIG con. Then again, this is 2p2p so only 4 cells? That's not many cells. A lot of DIY setups have 16 or 32 cells then that's more risk of something going bad. Why disassemble when you can use...
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    Overhead Cabling

    No prob! Yes, hopefully Google search will find this and help along others on the interwebs through the years. Still though, SOOW cable would look the best aesthetically for overhead application. SOOW is smooth, super flexible and have a matte black covering already. I'm looking at the...
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    Overhead Cabling

    I found free access to NEC 2020 edition and Article 396 Messenger-Supported Wiring describes it all along with allowed cable types. Table 396.10(A) lists that good old MC-Metal Clad cable (armored cable) can be used for aerial (see attached page below)...
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    Overhead Cabling

    I'm located in California and need recommendations on electrical wiring to run an overhead/aerial cable. I need to connect a solar array to the house mains which is on an adjacent and separate building. The overhead/aerial will be over 10ft high above ground and be across ~11ft gap. There...
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    California NEM Contract Status After House Sold

    Can anyone confirm or have experience with a house that is sold in California that is actively on solar NEM 2.0 that the new home owners get to keep the NEM 2.0 contract going on the house? This would also apply to grandfathered NEM 1.0 if those are still around. This is in anticipation of the...
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    NEM 2.0 - Zero Dollar Electric Bill Possible?

    Yep, presuming plenty of sunlight available year round. But would need a very powerful inverter preferably low-frequency type. In-rush loads from fridge compressors and power tool motors are big challenges. Not to mention typical A/C units.
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    NEM 2.0 - Zero Dollar Electric Bill Possible?

    Thanks for that info! Looks like you've been on NEM 1.0 since the early 2000s. Yes, that is a sweet deal. From my research, NEM 2.0 came in around 2017 across all three of the CA investor owned power companies. It made residential solar slightly less sweet with NBC, time-of-use plans and...
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    NEM 2.0 - Zero Dollar Electric Bill Possible?

    Yes, I'm with PG&E. Correct, there is a $10/mo minimum "connection fee" and I have actually encountered that. But I was thinking that minimum connection fee might not apply when a home is on a NEM 2.0 contract though. Or that the True-up would basically eliminate that minimum connection at...
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    AliExpress (Sellers or disputes) - the good, the bad & the ugly

    Yes, I had a bad experience recently with AliExpress (AE). It was not a lot of money but wasted a lot of time and the way it was handled was infuriating. Background: I came up a way to clean solar panels quickly & efficiently by using a portable battery powered water gun. Then feed the gun...
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    NEM 2.0 - Zero Dollar Electric Bill Possible?

    If a residential home in California is on a NEM 2.0 contract, is it possible to have a $0 electric bill or near-zero electric bill? Further, not just $0 but what about money back? The thing that makes it hard to get $0 is the NBC (Non-Bypassable Charges) but installing a sufficiently large...
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    Insulating Bus Bars and Battery Terminals

    Interesting idea. I would like to see photos if you have time to upload. I too felt the need for this after seeing so many setups like this. I ended up 3D printing custom terminal & busbar covers for my big 14.4kWh LiFePO4 array. I found out the hard way with a huge spark when I was pulling...