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  • Top balancing my new lifepo4 cells

    Hi all! Today I received my new 4x lifepo4 280ah cells. I live on a boat and have 2x victron 100/30 mppt solar controllers and a sterling 20a battery charger. I want to top balance my cells from the generator and maybe the solar (its winter in the UK). I cannot really afford a bench power...
  • New member buying my first battery bank

    Hi all! I'm a new member and live full time on a narrowboat in the UK. My sealed lead acid batteries have finally bit the dust and I have been wanting to make my first Lifepo4 bank for a while now. I have a few questions I was hoping to get some advice on. I want a simple setup that I can use...
  • 100a daly BMS not giving 100a

    Hi all. I have my lifepo4 setup working for a few months now but i've noticed that if I draw more than 70 amps from my 100a model, it cuts out for over current. I have a 2s daly smart bms 100a. Is this common with daly or could it just be my unit? Thanks in advance!
  • Macbook pro charger triggers BMS disconnect

    Hi all! I've got my new lifepo4 battery bank installed and connected to the inverter. Everything seems to be running fine until I try to charge my macbook pro, at which point it seems the BMS cuts all power from the battery and everything shuts off. Could anyone advise why this may be...
  • Powering large loads with a 100A BMS and Relay

    Hi all! I remember hearing a while back that you can power large loads from your batteries, even if you have a small BMS, by powering a relay with the bms output. Is this a viable and/or recommended approach, could anyone elaborate on the set-up? I have a 100A Daly Smart BMS that cuts out when...
  • Extending Daly Smart BMS temperature sensor?

    Hi all, In my setup I am unable to easily get the temperature sensor on the cells for my battery. Does anyone know if it is possible to extend the temperature sensor using wires, or will this cause a change to the value? Cheers!
  • Adding a new, different size battery to my lifepo4 setup?

    Hi all. Up until recently I have been using a 280AH Lifepo4 bank on my narrow-boat with a Daly 250A BMS. Over a winter and a year or so, I noticed that I did not give the batteries time to balance and they had eventually gotten so out of balance that I felt the need to do another top balance. I...