Grounding and Bonding the MPP LV6548 inverter

Grounding and Bonding the MPP LV6548 inverter 2023-03-03

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This document shows how to handle grounding and bonding with the MPP LV6548 inverter.

Warning: The document shows Common Neutral configurations of the system but MPP has said it is unsafe to set up a system with a common neutral between the input and output. (See Appendix A of the document)

Warning: Several of the configurations require the removal of the internal bonding screw. It is not clear whether removing the screw will void the warranty or not.

NOTE: Previously, this document covered both the MPP LV6548 and the EG4 6500EX. The information for the 6500EX has been split out and placed in a separate resource here

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I just sent back 2 LV6548's because of several issues that may have been caused by Neutral bonding. Your document explains very well how this may have been the issue from the beginning! Thank you!