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Grounding and Bonding the MPP LV6548 inverter

Grounding and Bonding the MPP LV6548 inverter 2023-03-03

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This document shows how to handle grounding and bonding with the MPP LV6548 inverter.

Warning: The document shows Common Neutral configurations of the system but MPP has said it is unsafe to set up a system with a common neutral between the input and output. (See Appendix A of the document)

Warning: Several of the configurations require the removal of the internal bonding screw. It is not clear whether removing the screw will void the warranty or not.

NOTE: Previously, this document covered both the MPP LV6548 and the EG4 6500EX. The information for the 6500EX has been split out and placed in a separate resource here

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Solid info. Thanks for putting it together. A similar presentation including array config would bring value I believe. I'm not aware of such a thing. Are you? I've seen recently and have my self just experienced 120 VAC on the panel frames. Bit me twice hard. Most suggest to ground / earth to correct, but MPP solar specifically states no grounded arrays for the LV6548. I will reconfig my setup per this very awesome document and see if anything changes. but wanted to throw the array thing out there. Thanks Again!!
I just sent back 2 LV6548's because of several issues that may have been caused by Neutral bonding. Your document explains very well how this may have been the issue from the beginning! Thank you!

diy solar

diy solar