5 LG Chem 9.8 KWH 48 volt Modules FOR SALE

5 LG Chem 9.8 KWH 48 volt grid scale storage batteries. These were purchased from battery hookup. My project went in a different direction.

Wired in parallel with 2/0 cable for a 48 volt 49 KWH pack. Modules are fused at every connection. Also includes custom made breakout board for monitoring cells. All you need to do is add a BMS.

$6,900. Located in New Jersey, USA.

Also have 48 volt 6.6KW Schneider XW Pro available inverter available for purchase for a complete system.


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Solar Enthusiast
New or used and if used what is original storage capacity per module and what is it now?
I built 60 Kwhr DIY of the new lg cells
Used, these were from Lockheed Martin. They were backup power so probably have very few cycles if any. I have only cycled them once or twice.

I have not done a full cycle test myself but other uses on have and these are from the same batch. One user reported
91% from 4.15v to 3.22.