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ANT Smart BMS with only 4S?


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Feb 12, 2020
I am currently working on a small 100Ah 4S starter system currently with the SPIM08HP LiPo cells which I hope to upgrade within months to a 4S or 8S LiFe mobile van-based system (with the 280Ah EVE cells). I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with using an ANT 7S BMS with only 4S? Ideally I'd like the ANT 7S-16S 350A (so I can experiment with a 12v based system vs. 24v) but I'd rather not have to buy both the ANT and the JBD 4S 120A (nearest equivalent 4S Smart BMS I can find)

It seems the JBD is the one BatteryHookup can't keep in stock (also at the DYKB store and and the ANT seems to hold it's good reputation as far as I've seen. (please correct me if I'm wrong on any of this).

Like many of you, I've been looking for the 'perfect' BMS for months! Following Will, searching many of these threads, quickly dismissing Batrium and others due to cost realities, and looking very closely at Chargery and Electrodacus (but decided I currently can't fit the extra relays and I want to experiment with remote monitoring AND control...another topic).

Thanks for the great resource Will Prowse, and all of you who contribute so much to these forums.
I was under the impression that ANT could not be used below 7S. If you figure it out please post it here!!!