Bookmarking a post (not a thread)


New Member
Jan 8, 2020
At times we may want to save a reference to a post on multi page thread. At the post number in the upper right corner there is a bookmark flag that changes colour when you click on it. Where do you go to recall these bookmarks. They are not part of the browser bookmarks that I can see.
If you click on the post #, the browser url will have the post # added to it. Then bookmark the page (which is actually the current url).
Also, you can click on your name (account) at the page top right, then the Bookmarks tab.
Thanks guys. That works.
I opened a sub-folder in my browsers solar bookmark folder for instructions and diagrams. Too often I later don't remember the thread that the information is in or it gets burried in a long thread and I can't find it in Search. This will keep information where I can quickly find it.