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Delta 2 Ecoflow bluetooth / wifi reset


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May 1, 2021
Hello guys,

accidentially my Delta 2 Ecoflo did lost bluetooth connection. Any idea how to bring it to the pairing mode ?
No single word in the user manual about it :-(

thanks , Dan
I would suggest reaching out to customer services via email or Twitter for a resolution. I don't own an EcoFlow unit, but I think it needs WiFi connection before pairing via Bluetooth. I may be wrong though...
I was unable to connect to my Delta 2 until I power cycled the whole unit. The radios appear to be powered off after an unknown amount of time, possibly only if they are not configured. To power cycle the unit, you have to turn off all power outputs, disconnect all power inputs, then hold the power button for three seconds. Bluetooth paired with the app immediately upon turning the unit back on. I did not have to turn on Bluetooth using WiFi, as was suggested somewhere else. It is worth connecting and checking out the app since there are some very useful settings in there.
Delta 2 bluetooth/wifi function is an automatic feature. There is no on/off toggle in the menu.
to enter bluetooth,
You go to the bottom of the settings page you will see unlink.
when you click on that it will take you to a permission page to unlink or cancel.
click on unlink it will go to a add device page click add device.
next page click on the delta 2 icon at the top.
next page is a select wifi page.
at the bottom click on set up later.
you are then connected to bluetooth at that point the BT LED will illuminate in the unit and on the app it will show your in BT mode.
to return to wifi click on the cloud icon at the top.
you will go to a sign in page enter email and password. click next.
it will then find and become wifi. and will show the wifi icon instead of the BT icon. :cool: ✌️
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What works for me is to hold the beige button until unit says off. Then hit it again. Always works and pops right back live on my app.

I use to use Bluetooth to reconnect to Wi-Fi but this way works better and faster.