DGJBD 120A BMS with Overkill UART USB Adapter


New Member
Aug 12, 2021
I purchased a couple of the DGJBD 120A Smart BMS units from RadioBTech on Amazon, they came with the bluetooth adapters, and so far they seem to work great. These are also based on the same DGJBD chipset and seem almost identical to the Overkill units.
I also have 2 of the UART USB adapters from Overkill Solar, and I'd like to be able to connect the BMS's to my Victron Color GX unit to allow them to be monitored by the VRM portal, etc.
The plugs on the UART USB modules sold by Overkill Solar are different (I'm not totally surprised since they're different sources). Does anyone know if the units are compatible if I change the plugs on the USB modules? Has anyone used the Overkill adapters with non-overkill DGJBD units? I'm able to add a pin header to the board if needed, but it would also be cool if I can just use the same plug that the Bluetooth modules use.