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Docan or 18650batterystore for 280/30* cells?


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Mar 21, 2023
Looking to buy some cells in the next day or two. First time buying and I'm seeing lots of recent suggestions for cells from 18650batterystore, but, not so much for Amy @ Docan recently.

Looks like I can get "Grade B" CALB/CATL 302/305 cells (yes, I'm aware grading is basically useless...just referencing what's listed) from 18650batterystore for about $145 shipped or "Grade A" EVE 302 cells from Amy @ Docan for $152 shipped (from USA).

Or, "Grade A" EVE 280 cells from 18650 for $165 shipped Vs. $132 shipped from Docan (from USA).

For only $7 more on the 30* cells, I'm inclined to just go for the "Grade A" cells from Docan...but, wondering if maybe there's been issues that may have caused the lack of talk about them recently that maybe I'm missing? For the 280 cells, it'd be a no-brainer to go with Docan if they're still reliable.

Honestly, I'm not looking for perfection...these are going in an RV and I'd be surprised to see them get more than a couple hundred cycles on them before I'm done with them. But, if spending $7 more would decrease likelihood of issues during the short time I'll be using them, I'm all for it.
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FWIW my EVE 230's all seem to be testing fine so far. Admittedly I am only 4 in, but so far so good.
Also everyone is correct regarding the EVE280K cells, they are not bad, just the manufacturer is being fast and loose with the naming, they would have no problems at all if they simply called this cell the EVE 270K or Heck 275K would have been fine.

Expect it to basically barely meet the 280AH capacity or maybe be even a bit short.

This is for the grad A 280K.

I would not buy grade B 280K, look at other options. Rept 280 seems to be good grade A or B.