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Heat storage experimental...... reusable heat storage.....

Mart Hale

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Feb 4, 2020
I have an idea that I have been working on. I want to store heat chemically in such a way that after the energy is stored I can release that heat months after I have stored the heat.

I started thinking like this with Zeolite as this is a process that works, but getting a hold of zeolite is a pain for me here in the USA, or at least in a form that I know would work.

Zeolite Demo:

So... I found there is another substance that does that, which is quicklime. Quicklime is used in the heating packets used to cook food. I have found from a man in Germany that it indeed does release energy after water is added to it.

I have ordered some quick lime, and I will add water to it, then after the heat has been extracted, I will attempt to remove the water from the product and attempt to make quicklime again to see if I can make this into a rechargeable heat battery....

I have found how to make a heat cooker from quicklime and alum powder, but my hope is to make one that is re-chargeable...

Make your own food cooker.

There is another product on the market now that does this with hand warmers. After the use you can re-use them by heating the warmer again....


So..... if anyone has any other ideas of how this can be done please let me know.... I will experiment with the quicklime. until then.

Here is another way this has been done, a rechargeable heat battery..

sodium acetate
CH3COONa - it's also the primary flavoring in salt and vinegar potato chips....