diy solar

diy solar

Hello. I’m new here. 1st post. Looking for general input for electricity… remote cabin

48v @100a vs 24v @200a is the “same”??

24v is double the amps then 48v so I’d need a larger charge controller, so how is 48v “more”?
Considering a 1000W load:
1000W / 48V battery = 20.83A
1000W / 24V battery = 41.66A

Considering charging from 2000W array:
2000W / 48V battery = 41.66A
2000W / 24V battery = 83.33A
Ok folks, so far I’ve purchased:

- champion inverter/gen 3650 running watts
- eg4 “chargeverter”

chargeverter will be my main charger, or backup charger depending on which way I go…….

it’s down to either:

- Victron multipluss ll 48/35/50 or
- Morningstar suresign inverter (1250 or 2500w)

trophy 48v rack battery for storage.

before I make the final decision I’m just looking for input. Would you go Victron, or Morningstar? There’s advantages to both.
both are good products, one has a fan, one doesn’t. They are priced about the same once I factor in all costs (Victron requires additional stuff for programming).

morningstar is programmed via dip switch. no fans
Victron = cleaner instal.

ya, I’m thinking the multipluss is the way to go, BUT I’ll use it for inverting and use the chargeverter to charge. It’s quicker, so less fuel and less time listening to the genny.

Victron built in charger will be for back up in case of chargeverter failure.

now, how to get ac into the Victron? Cut an extention cord and wire into unit? Or I’m also thinking wire up a 30a rv inlet and then connect via twistlock extention cord.
At this point in your situation I’d be inclined to pick Victron
good earth Day sale of 7% at this place (pic attached)

first option is the cheapest (776 and use chargeverter). It will do the job.

to compare apples to apples the last 2 choices are essentially the same price. If choosing between these two, Victron wins. It includes a charger, is more programmable than Morningstar (likely won’t need to be that fancy)

I’d choose Victron for sure, BUT do I want to buy the Victron over the cheaper Morningstar? It’s a difference of about 550.00 CDN.

not the end of the world but 550 is a lot of dough. It won’t put me in the poor house, but mama raised a frugal boy…….
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so update time:

1. We have starlink at the cabin. 3 days so far. It’s fantastic. But is 50 GB reasonable usage for 3 days? Only 2 people at the cabin.

2. they killawatted the genny. 5.3kWh in about 8 hours. They claim starlink and lights only (and a Tv/laptop). Something doesn’t seem right.

these are the beer drinkers/ pot smokers. 50 beer each in 2 days
I’ve done ~20GB in 8 days of this billing cycle through my phone. That’s my only internet source, and I listen to YouTube stuff like it’s a radio.
We have starlink at the cabin. 3 days so far. It’s fantastic. But is 50 GB reasonable usage for 3 days? Only 2 people at the cabin

We have 5 in the house , we use about 800gb a month , or around 5.5gb of internet a day each person. Apparently we are heavy users our ISP makes us pay extra

At 50gb for 2 people over 3 days you're using about 8.5gb a day per person
Just for today it’s over 25GB.
starlink backed off on the throttling after 1TB. But if they ever re institute it, AND there’s more than the 2 stooges at the cabin we get throttled.

try and do something nice for the cabin, and,there’s always the “take,take take” person. And 5.3kwh a day?

looks like I’m going to just lock my stuff up when I’m not there
And 5.3kwh a day?
I have a 50”(52”?) tv that is essentially unused- but essentially a computer monitor these days. 65W?
16 hours is 1kW plus some ‘losses’ of course.
Add some lights, a couple laptops, fridge… definitely possible.
Update time. Got all my stuff. according to my smart shunt we will get almost 3 days of starlink and lights if we left everything,on 24/7.

lights are on for a couple hours, and we’d shut down starlink at Midnite so likely over 3 days.

im assuming the shunt takes into account the inverter draw as well.