diy solar

diy solar

I am also building a 280Ah 24V toolbox…


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Sep 21, 2019
Belmont, NC
Still in the layout stage on this one. I like the Ridgid long toolbox. The cells fill it up nicely… but WOW, 8 cells are HEAVY!

Anybody have a build using these cells to share?
Problem is i have 3 different brand 280Ah cells.
And they are different heights, and the floor of the box is not even, and the bussbars i got with it are solid...
Next step in this plan will be top balancing.
Voltages on these are all over the place from 3.28 to 3.4
So i figure i have some runners, the cells are not new, a few are a little bloated, i have 9, so once i get them all at the same level i can weed out the worst one.
I will use an active balancer i have along with the bms...
Should hopefully stay around 200Ah
But DANG, the box is heavy... with JUST the cells in it.
I don't know how much heavier the 280s are, but my 200 Ah cells make for an 85 pound battery at 24 volts.
I'm working on a very similar project right now, but using Winston 60ah cells and 12v to be compatible with other gear in the overall equation. I'm responding to this because I am looking at the same type of stacking/locking tool boxes. It needs to be mobile and, most of the time, the power needs are meager. One box will house an IP22 30a charger, an 800va Phoenix inverter, and the 2P4S 120ah BMS/battery bundle. I'm considering having a second box that will interlock to the first box with another 2P4S 120ah BMS/battery bundle that will interconnect with the first box with a big honkin' Andersen connector. Sometimes I just need some light-duty 120vac, sometimes just 12vdc, and, on rare occasion, sometimes light-duty 120vac in greater kwh quantity. I'm hoping the modular approach helps with the weight of all this stuff, which is a problem for my situation. Anyway, I'm interested to see other solutions to the weight issue in a toolbox based situation.
But DANG, the box is heavy... with JUST the cells in it.

Everything is heavier nowadays (to me). I usually don't think of moving something w/out thinking how I can get wheels under it or how it can be lifted with a mechanical device of some kind. A dedicated two wheel dolly or wagon can help.
LF280's are 5.5/5.6kg or12.1/12.3 Lbs ea
I think the only busbar solution will be either "cable with lugs" or flexible copper mesh.
Gonna be an interesting Frankenstein Battery !
My gut says this creation will benefit from a respectable active balancer... But if you drink enough moonshine you may imbalance along with it :ROFLMAO:

I'm in the same situation sorta, the replaced cells are going to be "cobbled" together to serve a purpose, even if diminished. Cells "sitting around getting dusty" just doesn't sit well, maybe it's just me.
Originally I purchased this toolbox for the exact same reason. The wheels were a plus. If memory serves me correctly it was a snug fit with 8s Catl cells. I repurposed it and now it contains all my solar bits, pieces, lugs etc.

There wasn’t much room at the top. Would likely had to place Bms outside