Lion Energy UT1300 at Costco again


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His beef was with the terminals. They have small screws and he has concerns about durability. At just $100 less than Battleborn MSRP he's suggesting to take the Battleborn. At Costco these are $300 less so it's no contest. To be honest I fail to see how Battleborn still charges a grand for a 100ah battery when 280's are out for a fraction of the cost


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Will only had a problem with the weaker battery terminal connections compared to BBS beefier ones.
The lion energy performed very well on capacity and its discharge power abilities in Wills testing. Here’s the specs that were met.


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If I got these batteries

It said sale ends 11/22 while supplies last. I guess the supplies didn't last. That's a bummer.
The whole “ITEM NOT FOUND” instead of a sold out, or other memo on the site makes me think they were removed for other reasons...
I noticed the store doesn’t have ANY solar generators on the shelves, and sams Motorola solar generator is gone as well... maybe retail sites aren’t getting the promotional deals or there are warranty issues the stores are feeling, or preventing?


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Maybe someone will have a great Black Friday sale on some batteries.
I was pretty close to pulling the trigger last night. Spent hours watching videos and reading. Went back this morning to grab at least a pair and POOF! They're gone.

Maybe Battleborn will have some black friday sales this year?


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I have a pair of these and I don't have a problem with the terminals, but I do use a small handheld mini-beam torque wrench to ensure that I don't over-torque them. If I were going to be making frequent connections and disconnections, I might opt to install long metric set screws to convert the terminals to studs like we do on the EVE cells, but that doesn't bypass the need to use a torque wrench. Torque wrenches like I have, can be found at bike shops, since carbon fiber bike parts are easily damaged by over-torqueing and have similar torque specs to the Lion terminals.

I don't think Will's concerns are without merit, I do think he had a terminal twist on an earlier model of the battery, and the terminals are still similar, but I also gets the sense that Will loves extra beefy terminals, especially ones that you can feel safe using an impact driver on :)


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I have 4 of these batteries, and they have been rock-solid for me. I don't really get the terminal concern - m8 (5/16th) are also likely the stud size elsewhere in your system (inverter, fuses, terminal blocks, shunts, switch etc), and I've not had an issue with anything coming loose.