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Luxpower LXP6K vs EG4 6000XP - Software/firmware differences?


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Feb 25, 2024
Hi all,

I'm shopping in Canada for the LuxPower LXP6K vs the EG46000XP, and know of course they are virtually the same unit manufuctured by Luxpower. I've read the thread.

But what are the differences in software/firmware? I'd like to buy the Luxpower LVP6K version from Volthium (as they appear to have great/accessible) tech support via phone, but the EG4 6000XP obviously benefits from the huge EG4 community/videos/etc ... and custom firmware? EG4 6000XP doesn't officially support the Solar Assistant app... what else? @SignatureSolarJames talk me into 6000XP over the LXP6K?

I'm a DIY self-learner here, so access to support is a huge factor for me. Prices are similar shipping to my location.

My setup will be:
- 4800W solar
- 14.3 kWh EG4 PowerPro battery
- would like to incrementally add 5.12kWH server rack batteries in the future
- all hardware will be in a mostly unheated shed/cabin, that will be heated by propane furnace only after we arrive at this off-grid mountain location in BC. I will likely look to add some seedling mats on separate circuit to help the batteries stay within charging temps while we aren't there (likely only visit the cabin 1-2 times per winter).

Greatly appreciate any thoughts!
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The only reason I went with the EG4 6000xp was EG4 has US based support, but looking online I do see a website says Luxpower has an office in Chino, California. I like the fact that two main vendors respond to issues on this forum.
Easier for me to get a 6000xp. The luxpower firmware allows grid feedback. Does anyone know if you can flash the lux power firmware? I'm guessing EG4 disabled that option as it isn't certified as a hybrid to export to grid, where I want zero export that the Lux model has enabled.