MPPT that easily changes battery voltage and profile?


Solar Addict
Dec 18, 2022
I'm about to add solar to an enclosed trailer with a small 12V system in there using 4 spare GC2 batteries I have lying around. plan on having the solar plugged into my 48V RV lithium system when connected but then plugged into the trailer system when its disconnected. This way I can charge drill batteries and anything else in there while its sitting in my driveway and always topped off. I figured I'll add an anderson connection by the 7pin and just move it from the RV to the trailer. Its a 7x16ft trailer so will have maybe 2000w on the roof.

Is there a MPPT where I can use a digital input or something to switch profiles and voltage easily? I'd rather not buy 2 MPPTs knowing that only one would be working at a time but i'm thinking that the only answer.... plus I could use the higher voltage on the solar panels so 48v distance isn't nearly as far. I also guess the 12V wouldn't need to be high amps since lead acid and only 550ah.

When driving it'll use the 30a from the 7 pin to charge.
That's my go to but too complicated to switch voltages and charging profiles. I'll be switching like weekly when I use the trailer so ideally I could wire up some input where if the 12V on the 7 pin is connected it'll switch to 48V profile but if its disconnected it'll switch to 12V.

I haven't found anything so I guess I'll get one like this and a small one for the trailer side but both with high enough voltage.