Orion Jr2 settings help


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Apr 13, 2021
I am going to use an Orion Jr2 BMS on a 36v golf cart and need some help with the settings.

System info: 36v battery bank made of 24 Fortune 60 amp cells in a 2p12s configuration, Dakota Lithium 18 amp charger @43.2 volts.

What I want: 90% maximum battery charge and 20% minimum charge with discharge cut off at this point.

The problem I am having is understanding the settings to make the BMS do what I want. There are a lot of parameters to set and going through the Orion manual only adds to the questions I have. In the Orion Utility under "Charge Limits" there is a checkbox that will stop charging at X% but when I check the box a dialog box comes up and says "NOTE: This option is only recommended if cell voltage based charge termination is not possible. The BMS will already automatically stop charging when the maximum cell voltage is reached. Enabling this option can decrease the accuracy of the SOC tracking algorithm."

To me it seems like this is the thing to do if I want to charge to 90% but that dialog box makes me worry.

Also in the utility under "SOC Settings", there is a "Fully Charged SOC" and "Discharged SOC" setting. Does this have anything to do with controlling the charger or for the 0-5v SOC output?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. BTW, this system has not been put-together as of yet.

Thank you