Poor Docan Experience (Resolved)

yes i agree - if they are not what they are stated to be - then it should be known - if its Grade B - then say it and charge less thats all - if it says GRADE A + what ever that means - it should not be bloated - and should give the full Cap. - i am looking around for cells also at the moment - i wont keep them if they are not as stated or under Cap.
I got 8pcs 304 CATL from Amy last week. Very well packed, cases in mint condition, all 3.28 volts
I charged them in series thru my Overkill BMS to 28.5 volts.
After that I disconnected my BMS and changed the connections to parallel and charged them till my power supply we to 0.10 amps @ 3.65 volts.
The 1st cell load tested produced 315 ah ( 2.50v shut off), a second one is running right now.
One thing that stands out to me is your starting voltage on the pictures you posted is all over the place.
My understanding is LifePo4 need to be at least 3.45 volts to be close to fully charged.
Am I doing something wrong or what am I missing?
Amy Zheng sent me a battery with terminals in the wrong place. I just caught it today. I paid top dollar for this battery from "Texas". Can you guess which battery it is? Should I try to use it? So, I have (16) EVE LF280K and this "back-up" battery. One of the 16 batteries is reading way lower after being charged; I reported this last year and the vendor (Gloria) made excuses for not replacing it.


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Ugh, looks you got a 280N, those are OLDDDD like 3 years since they were produced last.
I would not make a pack with 280K and 280N cells.... they have different chemistry the 280N is rated for 3500 cycles and the 280K is for 6000.
That's why it looks different. She knew and I hope for an answer by email but after Wuhan, the "Balloon", and now, Ukraine it is doubtful. I hope I'm wrong.
My bad experience turned into a good experience. Amy Zheng is shipping my one cell from Houston to Virginia Beach at her expense. That is real customer service. Highly recommend her for you battery needs.