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Question Is this viable mounting solar panels off eve of roof Picture Attached


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Jan 18, 2024
Question Is this panel mounting off of roof eve a viable solution to Solar for my home. I am charging a portable self contained 3.6kWh power station (expandable to 7.2kWh). I will power a few appliances directly from power station. Optional I could wheel the power station into garage and connect to generator connect (yes it has Gen / Grid interlock cutout). In power outage I could power essential items without running 2.2KW gas gen all the time. I will have to conserve power usage. I am good with that.

I want to mount panels from the roof eve. They will overlap roof (with no attachment to roof) and extend beyond roof line (soffit/gutter). The gutter will also be covered but run off from roof will be free to flow into gutter. The grass will be shaded and I will lose grass possibly. That is OK. It is only a 4' x 45' strip of grass.

I have done analysis of sun and we are. Good. The hone to south is almost 2 feet lower and has a much shallower roof.

The roof is crazy steep, 49 degrees and I just had new roof put on 2 yrs ago. I do NOT want holes. I do want to take my panels and power station when I go. I am not pulling permits. If I get caught I will take them down. It will be safe. The panels will go direct to power station in a safe secure manner (TBD). The power station will power items like Frig, washing machine, wifi router, cable modem, TV, security system directly. If I don't have enough power, I will unplug item or items into wall outlet.

It will also be a backup. I figure my "pay back" is 10 years? Don't care. I am doing it as a hobby not a way of life.

I may have to charge power station from home power from time to time, but that is OK. This is a small supplement and the idea is removable. The holes under roof eve, soffit are easily repaired. I do not want a permeant system installed. I will be likely moving in 5 years.

I got a quote for 6kWh of panel and 15kWh Tesla wall system for $61,000 and possible $14,000 tax credit. There is no way I will pay that ever. My electricity utility is not too bad at $0.13/kW. It is going up 12% in next 3 years. My monthly bill over 12 months ranges from $66 to $166 per month (again they tack on extra fees). The utility does not buy back energy or have off peak billing. City and state does not have solar incentives. I am doing a little HOBBY system. It makes not sense economically nor do I think I am saving the planet with this tiny setup.

The alternative is DO NOTHING... My electrical bill is not bad, and my 2.2kw gas generator and my small 500watt power station and BLUETTI 200W panel is great for basics, and camping.

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unlikely - at least where I live, you would not be permitted to encroach on the property line any further than the eave allowance. maybe you have more room than the pic seems to show.
three sections of roof face south - I would use those, and fit what you can.
two sections face East and West - use separate strings on each for early AM and later PM collection.
Roof mounted PV comes with Rules and Regs. RSD, AFDD. Best to do some reading first.
Your roof is not friendly to the installation of solar panels. I’d explore the options for a LPG generator if your goal is backup power for power outages of a week or so. Looking at your setting, you likely have city water so your home is not a viable candidate for staying put in a SHTF event. City water will fail after a week or two and starving people from the city will be foraging for what they can take in a month or less.
Nahh remove all that grass and place a raised array above the fence line pointed SE.
Thanks everyone. No SHTF set up... more of a hobby with some utility to run some appliances routinely and save $0.80 a day (ha ha), and have back up for power for occasional outage. I like off grid but that is NEVER happening here. My little 2.2kW Ryobi is good for a pinch... I want to supplement with solar.

The problem with fence line on North side is you don't see the trees on top of the hill (east side) running North and South behind fence line not shown in previous picture. The tree tops are120 feet or more and only 30 feet behind house...

Sun does not hit that North fence until 10AM even summer timee. By 3 pm the house is shading that area partly, and completely by 5-6 PM even in summer, winter would be much worse. PV's would have to be high up on rack, at least 5-8 feet to minimize late after noon shade. Racks gets expensive. Last utility room where I will charge batteries, power washer, refrigerator and computer modem and router is a good distance.... I am not trying to make this a mission to Mars and spend as much as I can.

On the south side of the house I get sun from 9AM to 7PM summer time. +5 hrs of near peak no problem, plus a bunch of earlier morning sun and all the later afternoon sun you can get. The is a street with no obstructions (shade). The sun blasts down the street unit sunset. Back yard with be shaded well before sunset.

The south roof is 43 feet long with virtually no obstructions. A string of panels could easily get 1kW hanging off eve. Why is this a problem (besides it is not legal code wise).

I am going to do to test, get two 200W panels and work on my support structure. I will mount them further from street so they are not noncable. I may go angle iron and weld it up, or wood. I will screw the beams or extensions into rafters under roof eve overhang. The beams will extend about 10 inches past gutter. A frame truss will support panels. Number of supports TBD. They will be adjustable (30 deg winter 50 deg summer). I will run the cables in conduit to utility room under eve or along ground. I have a few ways to make penetration into utility room. My 3.6kfW power station will have items of desire plugged in directly. This is a hobbyist set up. I think it will provide usable power.

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Interested to hear the results. I would just politely ask the neighbor. Their ok, you're probably ok....

diy solar

diy solar