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SAFT VL41M cells


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Jan 11, 2023
Hi all,

Not been on here for a while, but I have come into possession of some SAFT VL41M cells. I was told they have been never been used, but there are stickers on the boxes they come in that say Discharged. I've just checked a couple and they are sat at 0.4V. Is there a possibility I can get these back up? My individual cell charger won't do it as it see's the voltage and goes into error! I was thinking of maybe trying my bench power supply, to try and get a bit of life in them, then switching back to my dedicated lithium charger, if they get back up to a minimum base voltage. Thanks in advance.

P.S. Data sheet attached. Although the cells I have, have the same model number they are in a plain metallic case.


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Those was awesome cells back in the days.
I've recover some LFP cells from 0.1V few years ago with great success, but I never tried with this chemistry (my bet is NCA).

You can try low amps charge with a power supply, but far from the house or anything who will be damage when the cell will cash in fire ;)
If it catch in fire...
Worth a try IMHO.
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