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Well here's another update. Batteries have been sent back. 1 was shipped one day, 2 was shipped the next business day. They have received the first battery. The other two batteries were received but they don't know who Stacy King is. The first battery was received week before last, the other two were signed for last week.
The RMA department still has yet to call me back. You speak to a operator, which relays information to the RMA department. The RMA department doesn't have phones. The RMA leaves notes in the account. I call back to get information on the notes that they left in the notes from the operator.

I have a disability and a lot of times I don't understand things written. I spoke to the operator Sarah, and she doesn't know what ADA is. She doesn't know about how to help someone with a disability.

So signature solar how do you help someone with a disability and actually speak to them on the phone?

2025 hrs- SS has refunded my money back as of this afternoon.
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I had a quick call this morning with signature solar on my 6000xp. Call was answered fast. I got a new guy out of training, but he told me that at the top of the call and asked if that was okay. I had time, so cool. I thought i had a hard problem, error on internal communication, but he helped me resolve it quickly with a firmware update and a better understanding of the settings. Excellent support.