TWO 12v SoK Lithium Batteries wired in Series - Is that OK?


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I'm looking to put together a new system for my new travel trailer I'm picking up in a few weeks.

I want to run TWO 12V SoK Lithium 206ah's in Series. Someone said that is not a good idea. A brief google search said that 2 BMS's could interfere with each other.

HOWEVER, going to the SoK sight it says the batteries are able to be wired in series....see attached image.

Is there something I need to add to be able to wire them in series? DO I have to use a battery balancer on a scheduled basis? if so how often?

Thanks everyone.


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Bob B

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The caution was probably because .... not all LFP batteries can be put in series .... because it may exceed the voltage capability of the BMS.

In this case, SOK states they can be placed in series up to 48V .... so, go for it.