USB first solar power system require a different approach?


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Hello, I seem to not really find much info on this so hoping this can be answered here. Anyway, I know that the general solar power system can be built quite differently depending on what kind of stuff and how much it’s expected to keep powered. A system that focus on AC power seem to be built a little differently than those that’s 12v focused for example. However, virtually everything I owns runs off on usb and usb c (except for a ps4 so a lightweight simple 200w inverter is good enough for that but completely secondary to everything else in this system). For use in a converted pop up camper. Would focusing my solar power system completely on usb require a different approach than simply hooking up automobile 12v-usb adapters to a 12v solar power system?

I’ve seen some system that’s simply a solar panel with usb output that could be used to charge a battery bank, off which everything else charges from. I want to have a system that’s much beefier than that but not quite enough to need a full on 12v system, I think. So far I’m leaning toward simply a smaller 12v solar power system and research the best 12v to USB adapters. But I wanted to ask here about this in case there’s a better approach for me to take. One of the concern I have is that the computer I uses is actually a raspberry pi 4b 8gb so I will need to ensure that at least some of the USB port are VERY stable for the pi. Everything else that’s usb based is more flexible like ipad, android phone, etc... Thank you.