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    over voltage error message on HQST mppt

    I have a 20 a HQST mppt controller connected to 2 100ah chins in series for 24v. I have 3 100w panels in series. I am using this for my "back up entertainment" system but use it daily (tv,cable box, and indoor cell phone booster and 1 led 7w light.) Most all winter the solar kept the batteries...
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    DC switch for light

    I read somewhere ??? that you could use ac light fixtures with a dc 12 volt bulb to have a wider assortment of fixtures. I bought this fixture at Lowes, wired it to my 12v battery, added the 7w 12v bulb and had light. Put it on the wall to have instant back up light when the power goes off. I...
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    HQST MPPT 40amp Charge controller.

    I bought the 20 amp one back in November. I am trying to determine if it is working properly. Currently running 3 100w HQST panels in series to charge 2 100ah Chins in parallel. Using daily for cell phone antennae, directv box and led tv. Starting at about 94% soc per my Ali shunt monitor...
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    Cheap battery shunt - Bayite

    I understand that but if I am still drawing current at the time the battery is being charged shouldnt it show that current? This goes the whole day with 0 until the sun goes down and then it shows discharge current again.
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    Cheap battery shunt - Bayite

    I bought one and it sorta worked.....showed battery usage, but, when the panels started charging the batteries it showed no load.....haven't figured it out but bought the qwork and it works as it should.