DC-AC Power Inverter Help


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Mar 20, 2022
I'm new to this and looking to make my first home backup emergency power system and need some help.

In the UK, DC-AV inverts choice is limited. Inverters for sale on Amazon.co.uk either have no reviews or only a few. Even though those with a 4+ review ratings seem good then when reading reviews people say things like, 'dangerous', caught alight with 1* review (so mixed reviews) nearly all of them are sold by amazon market, when viewing the address they are all registered in China. So my concern is faults when the amazon window closes. I don't want to spend a fortune but also want it to be safe and reliable. I see Victron energy seem to be a reputable company, but they are expensive about £250-300 for 1000w. Renogy is another option and with Sine Wave £159 for 100w. Is the Renogy inverter any good, I've ready mixed reviews. The other option is a company called RS, they have their RS pro certified model with 3 year warranty but cant find a single review (https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/fixed-installation-dc-ac-power-inverters/1793327)

Any assistance for a UK buyer would be appreciated.

My only other query is some Inverts have onboard displays to show Watt output, those that don't like the Renogy have a Bluetooth options. If its an inverter like the RS one with no display or blue tooth option is there a way (device or screen) to show the watt usage? I see MPPT have the solar energy info, and battery but don't think it shows the watts being drawn by an inverter? Once again I was looking at the victron MPPT with BT has that seems to be a decent option.