Is this 12V battery better than Battle Born?


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Just heard about this battery. 7 year warranty seems good. I know Battle Born is 10 years but it is $350 more.

Is this one better?



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Is this 12V battery better than Battle Born?

Probably not, but possibly. Battleborn stands out because of Warranty + reputation + providing a well engineered product and good support.

It might be a quality product, and the warranty might or might not be realistic (if they are a company located overseas, and the buyer has to pay for shipping for warranty service, warranty's are more of a good faith gesture in the best case or an empty gesture in the worst case.

Apparently the company was started by 3 CALB engineers which might be a good thing.

The site and the product advertisement doesn't make me feel super warm and fuzzy though. They claim 4000-8000 cycles at 100% DoD which seems unrealistic, and then elsewhere on their site state 2000-8000 cycles (the lower end of this being more accurate. The BMS cutoff limts are 2.0V and 3.9V best I can tell, which is a much wider bandwidth than basically any other battery or cell manufacturer recommends. Low temp cutoff is 23*F which is lower than most BMS' but roughly comparable to Battleborn I think.

Price is pretty good though $620 shipped. But its an unknown company with some borderline red flags in my eyes.

David in nh

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$ 1080 for the 200ah and they have paypal checkout

hopefully there will be more feed back on this brand


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$ 1080 for the 200ah and they have paypal checkout

hopefully there will be more feed back on this brand

The 200ah seems like a better deal. Has @Will Prowse heard of this company SOK before?


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LoveyourRV (Ray) just did a video about the 100AH batt. His testing is not as “sophisticated” as Will’s. He did open the case and the inside seemed “clean”, except SOK uses 2 8AWG internal wires to the posts. Ray also loaded the batt to about 150A discharge since the manufacturer said it would take it. Did not shutdown, but, I wish we could have seen the temp of the 8AWG internal wires.

@Tony, maybe SOK uses the same pair of 8AWG internal wires. That would be a limiting factor for me, but, the Prismatics and BMS have bolted connections, so increasing Internal wire size is easy.


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There can be some junk used inside the box that is hidden from sight. Check some of Will's disassembly videos.


Will has a $400 120A LFP so why review a $600 100Ah?
Nothing special about it and you already saw the innards.
These look interesting Will Prowse any chance you will be getting one and doing your own test and review?
I'll be back! haha I have some cool packages coming soon.
I just bought a $400 120Ah LiFePO4 to review yesterday. Should be a fun tear down


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I just purchased two of these and will install them into my motorhome and test them. I'll probably also take them apart. I have a youtube channel and can stick it on there... would love Will's input as well since he's done so many of these and I've done 0.
I love that you can purchase the guts of the system and have replacement parts and that it's DESIGNED to be taken apart and serviced. Looks great -- looking forward to it. If this works out, I'll probably end up having 10-12 of these to make a large bank for my new RV early next year.