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LP6048 set up for NMC pouch cells


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Dec 10, 2020

I have a 6kw 2P14S pouch cell battery. I have a JK BMS with BT. I have no idea if that BMS's RS-485 can communicate
with the TP6048, so I had to select USR in the menu for battery type.

The inverter has been charging the battery, but I am not clear on the numbers I should be using for Bulk charging voltage (item #17 in
the menu), Float charging voltage (item #18). and Low DC cut off voltage (item #19).

From my reading, NMC have a minimum voltage of 2.85V, and a cutoff of 4.2V. Should be charged with constant current until the
float voltage is reached, somewhere just over 4V. Then charged with constant voltage until full.

Someone already been there, done that?

GlenB K4KV
I have a 14S NMC battery built from Panasonic plug in hybrid cells.

For maximum life:

3.3V cut off (20% SoC)
3.92V charge (75% SoC)

At the extremes:
3.0V is a much safer cut off.
4.05V charge is an alternative with decent life (about 85% SoC)
4.20V is maximum safe, but will notably impact cycle life.

Set float 0.1V below bulk/absorption.

Software/hardware solution for closed feedback communication with Voltronics-type AiOs: