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diy solar

My adventures building a DIY Mn/Fe flow battery

You talk about Iron Salt and Manganese salt, but call it a Manganese/Iron battery. I see a lot of talk about Iron/Salt flow batteries, but they seem to be saying salt water as in Sodium. Maybe it was mentioned some were in the pas 8 pages, but I take these are two different batteries. And if so, what was the reason for not going Iron/Salt?

Pure Fe batteries are great in that the Fe is extremely cheap. There are however two main issues with them (for me):

1. They need very acidic electrolytes (HCl 3M), which are unsafe to keep and use at my house.

2. They have extremely high levels of H2 generation, which makes their CE really bad. Since I run the batteries in close loop systems, the H2 generation causes pressure buildups which end up causing big problems (mainly leaks) which are much worse in an acidic electrolyte.
Ok, I was thinking it had something to do with using high salt levels since salt likes to eat a lot of metals.