Problem with inverter and DC overcharge


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Nov 22, 2021
You need to become a lot more familiar with your system. Off grid is not a set and forgot. That being said, you have two methods of charge. One being the charger in the inverter, the other the solar panels through the charge controller.
Both have settings that can be configured to the battery type you are using. Set some of them wrong and you will ruin your batteries and could cause a fire. So some of those settings are password protected. Some of the settings need to be fine tuned and adjusted seasonally. If you use any power from sundown to sunup the solar charge controller should start in bulk every sunrise. Once charge amps taper to a set point that is internally determined by the amp hour of the battery that has been entered into the solar charge controller (SCC). Then it transitions to Absorb which is a time based setting. Lead acid needs lot’s of absorb time. Then at the end of time the SCC goes to Float. Should stay in float the rest of the time the sun is up. If it clouds up in the middle of the day then clears off before sundown it starts over from the beginning with Bulk, Absorb,Float. This is specific for Schneider SCC. I believe that is what you have seeing the buttons in the pictures.
The charger inside the inverter that is powered by the Generator has the same settings. Most people use the generator to Bulk charge (put a lot of amps into the battery in a hurry) which is about 80% of total charge. Those settings need to be Set to match your battery requirements. These I think can only be adjusted in the SCP. Do you have one? It is a interface between all of the Schneider components. It can be mounted alone of in place of the inverter screen that has lights to designate state of charge. I am a thousand miles from my system. When I get back next week I’ll look to see, I think the DC Over volts, and Under volts is user settable. In the SCP you can look at the fault history. You should be able to see what the voltage was. Batteries. Look neglected. Have you unwired and cleaned the connections in the last six months? The more you know about your system you can better communicate what you have and what is going on. I have to assume you don’t have grid power and this is a hobby. Your post is a little like “ I have a car that has been running good but, now it quit. Can someone tell me what is wrong?” We are all happy to try but my just cause more confusion.
Yes, I’m going to do as much research as possible over the following days. My situation is a bit of an odd one; I moved onto a property part time which, when I came here, was just barely having it’s solar system set up. For the half year previous, its owner ran the house purely off of a generator. Well, the person who set up the solar left the property and I entered into a romantic partnership with the owner. The solar system has worked fine thus far, hence my negligence in learning the system or maintaining the batteries etc. too much info, I feel, but I am fully aware of my ineptitude in this situation and genuinely appreciate your advice.

My system seemed to have sorted itself out now and I have a sneaking suspicion it has something to do with the increasingly cold weather and using lead acid batteries. Going to invest in some lithium ion batteries to replace this current bank but first I am going to take advantage of it currently working and spend serious time researching.