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diy solar

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Sep 19, 2019
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If you need help with your system, ask the world here! A professional may be able to reach out and help you with your system.

You should probably add these points to your post:
  • What size system you need built
  • Where the system needs to be installed. Post pictures of the area you plan to install batteries/inverters, or plan to mount solar panels
  • What components you have already purchased or are looking to purchase
  • What kind of warranty or future support that you need
  • When you need it to be installed

Once you find a person or business that can help, be sure to ask for pictures of their past work to prove that they are competent. Also ask for the name of their business and check to see if it is registered and insured.

Use this section is at your own risk. This forum offers this service for free and does not hold itself liable in any way. You are entirely responsible for the outcome of using this section. Do not send money to strangers, and ensure that the business you work with is registered and insured before attempting to work with them.
Not open for further replies.

diy solar

diy solar